PG-13 2011 | Sci-Fi and Fantasy Action Adventure

When the god of thunder angers his father, he is cast out of the fantastical realm of Asgard and banished to a life among the lowly humans on Earth. (Wait, should we be offended?) But Thor soon discovers the 21st century is pretty fantastical, too, from first loves to Facebook. As his newfound home is threatened by Asgard's most ominous villain, Thor must use his courage - and his mighty hammer - to become the noble warrior he's destined to be.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. A Norse is a Norse: the New Mexico town where Thor lands features a water tower that says "Home of the Vikings."
  2. Brother against brother: on-screen enemies Anthony Hopkins and Colm Feore had previously appeared as siblings in the film Titus.
  3. Cupcakes for two! Co-stars Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings share the same birthday, June 13.
  4. Star Chris Hemsworth already knew his way around a hammer; he'd previously worked as a builder in his native Australia.
  5. Bulking up: to put on muscle befitting a Norse god, Chris Hemsworth spent six months training at the gym and powering through a diet of eggs, chicken, brown rice and protein drinks.
  6. Comic nerd in disguise? Thor marks Natalie Portman's second movie based on a comic book; the first was V for Vendetta.
  7. If it ain't broke: Kenneth Branagh's working relationship with his on-screen villain, Tom Hiddleston, dates back to 2008 with the stage play Ivanov and the television series Wallander.
  8. During Thor's long development phase, Matthew Vaughn was at one time attached to direct. He went on to helm a couple of other superhero flicks: Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class.
  9. King of the comics, king of the gods: Stan Lee had wanted to play Odin himself, but was happy with Anthony Hopkins' performance.
  10. THAT would have been a different movie! Jim Carrey was considered a favorite for the role of Thor's villainous brother Loki.
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