Captain America: The First Avenger

PG-13 2011 | 146 mins | Action Adventure

Patriotic but frail young man Steve Rogers wants nothing more than to serve his country, so he volunteers for a top-secret experimental military program. One hearty dose of Super Soldier Serum later, and Captain America is born. With his indestructible red-white-and-blue shield and rippling man muscles (wowsa!), Marvel Comics' first Avenger springs into action to take on the deadly terrorist organization HYDRA, led by evil mastermind Red Skull.

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Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. Captain America and Beyond: beyond Los Angeles, the film's locations also include London, Manchester and Liverpool in the UK.
  2. Where's Doc Brown? Producer Avi Arad cited the Back to the Future trilogy as an influence on the Captain America reboot, pointing to the impact of seeing a man "out of time."
  3. Alternate universe: Jon Favreau was originally attached to direct the film, and he wanted to do it as a buddy comedy. For better or worse, he decided to take on Iron Man instead.
  4. Sound familiar? Hugo Weaving used German filmmakers Werner Herzog and Klaus Maria Brandauer as inspiration for the Red Skull's accent.
  5. Maybe her bureau needs adjusting: Emily Blunt reportedly turned down the role of Peggy Carter.
  6. All in a day's work: leading lady Hayley Atwell trained six days a week for her role as Peggy Carter.
  7. If at first you don't succeed: Chris Evans turned down the role of Steve Rogers three times before the director and producers convinced him to sign on.
  8. The real deal: the Captain America comic featured in the film uses the actual cover of Captain America #1, released in 1941.
  9. Move over, Picasso: in the film Steve Rogers is caught doodling pictures of himself as a circus monkey, and also sketches costume designs for Howard Stark. In the 1979 made for TV movies, Rogers was a professional artist.
  10. Can you find it? The Red Skull is only referred to as such once during the movie (hint: it appears in a letter).
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